How do you find hidden messages on Samsung


How do you find hidden messages on Samsung? Nowadays, there are a lot of options to get a message and hide it. In particular, you can talk about popular social networks, such as Viber. The creators of Viber took good care of the secrecy of correspondence. How to find a hidden chat in Viber on the phone: today we will answer this question.

Hidden chats in Viber

Your account cannot be hacked remotely, and if your smartphone has a strong password or uses Touch ID, nothing will happen, even if the device falls into the hands of an intruder. However, there are times when the password or Touch ID has to be removed for some reason. But the creators of the application have a way out in this case: some conversations can be hidden.

The essence of this option is to make conversations invisible. In the literal sense. For a stranger, it will be impossible to find a hidden group in Viber, even if he or she searches the entire messenger on your smartphone. The service is activated from the context menu of the contact, regardless of what platform the device runs on. The only difference is the way to call this menu: for Samsung, a long press on the contact.

How to find a hidden chat on Samsung? Here, too, nothing complicated. How to see hidden chat on your Android phone:

  • Launch messenger.
  • Open the “Chats” tab.
  • At the top of the screen, you’ll see a search bar. Type in the numbers of the Pin code assigned to that conversation. The conversation with the saved history will be displayed.

To return the conversation to its previous, visible state, you must first open it following the instructions above, then swipe the screen to the left (for both platforms) and select “Information” / “Information and settings”, then – “Make chat visible”. Then you enter the Pin-code and the dialog becomes visible again.

As you have already understood, to lock the dialogs and return them to their normal state you need to remember 4 numbers. If you forget them, there is nothing left but to reset the password. This is a matter of seconds:

  • In the app’s general menu, select “Settings,” then “Privacy.”
  • Click on “Hidden chats.”
  • Choose “Reset Pin” and confirm the action.
  • The conversation will disappear.

If you reset the pin, the conversation will not reappear on any of the connected devices. Correspondence history in Viber will disappear accordingly (but you will be able to create a new conversation with this person). To avoid the situation with loss of correspondence, but to find hidden messages in Viber was still impossible, you can use a password manager, keepass or similar.

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