How to find out if my girlfriend is on tinder


Can you search for people on Tinder? No, simply because there is no search function on Tinder. For privacy reasons, the dating app has never introduced this option into its virtual ecosystem. And it probably won’t be introduced in the future either. The goal is to hide the user’s identity outside of the platform. How to find out if my girlfriend is on tinder?

Actually, it would be easy to find a person on Tinder if the developers made a search form available. Instead, you absolutely have to “deal” with a random system. But by using various tricks, hacking tools and spy apps, you can improve your searches really efficiently. 

How to find people on Tinder

To find out if a person is on Tinder, as you may have guessed, you need to use trickery by pulling in help from third-party software. Before you continue, if you’ve never used this dating app, I suggest you read the guide on how Tinder works. Once you learn the basics, you should join Tinder. You can do this through the Tinder website. Don’t worry, you can sign up for the service even temporarily. In fact, it would be ideal to have access to the platform so that you can take advantage of the app’s filters.

The easiest way to check if your girlfriend has a Tinder account is to access her browser and check her browsing history. It’s likely that your girlfriend doesn’t clear her browsing history and you can easily find all those sites she visits. If Tinder is among them, she probably has an account. You can also check if this app is on her smartphone. But if your girl is careful, you can use other ways.


Tinder filters allow you to narrow your search according to your GPS location and the type of person you’re looking for. You can adjust these settings very narrowly when you’re near the person you’re spying on. For example, you could use filters when your girlfriend is near you, you could open the Tinder app and narrow it down to find him right away.

If you have access to the Facebook profile of the person you’re looking for, you might have an easy way to answer the question. Although Tinder doesn’t publish any information about your account in each profile’s details, you can find a link to the app in your profile settings.

Tinder is a popular dating site and even if you find your girlfriend has this app on her smartphone, it doesn’t mean anything. The best way is to talk about it directly and find out if your girlfriend uses dating sites. If you find out that she does visit such sites, it’s worth finding out the reason and trying to figure things out together. 

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