How to retrieve Viber messages online


Viber is not only an application for audio and video calls, but also one of the best messengers. People actively communicate in personal chats, communities and groups. One of the popular features of messenger is the ability to delete messages for yourself and for all users. Therefore, there are often situations when a user opens a chat room and sees the phrase “Message deleted”. Naturally, there is a desire to find out what the user wrote, and how to read a deleted message. Besides, there are situations of accidental deletion of correspondence and a necessity to restore chats arises. How to retrieve Viber messages online?

Restoration of deleted messages using a backup copy

A great way to restore any correspondence is to use a backup. But there is an important nuance – it must be enabled before deleting messages. 

Saving your correspondence in CSV files

Open the mobile app and click on the icon with three bars in the upper left corner of the screen. This will open the Viber menu. Select “Settings” to go to the settings. The chats must be available on your device so that you can save them and recover deleted conversations later. Go to “Calls and messages” (the third line from the top). Select “Email Log” to create a compressed file from which you can recover deleted conversations. You can also clear the history of dialogs in this menu. It is recommended that you only erase the history if you have a backup, which will help you restore everything if necessary.

The application will start creating an archive of all user conversations. The time required for the operation depends on the number of dialogs and messages in them. The more chats, the longer the backup is created. Also the speed of archiving is affected by the amount of available RAM on the phone. If the process takes too long, close background programs to free memory.

Sending an archive of messages in Viber

Choose where you want to import the finished file in ZIP format. For example, you can send it via email. Other programs and online storage whose client applications are installed on your phone are also available in the list of options. Enter the email address to send the file or save the message in drafts. At this point, you can edit the subject and accompanying text of the email. You can use this data to find it when you need to recover deleted messages.

Restore deleted messages using Backup Text for Viber

If you did not set up a backup in time and deleted your correspondence, you still have the opportunity to restore it using a special program – Backup Text for Viber. This application will help to make a backup and restore chats. To do this, you need to:

  • Open Play Market on your smartphone and enter Backup Text for Viber.
  • Download and install this application.
  • Open File type in the main menu of the application.
  • Select Export to SD Card.
  • After that, the archive will be downloaded and data will be sent to the memory card. In addition, there is an opportunity to save a copy of Viber data, send it to email.

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