How to find hidden email accounts on android


To protect sensitive data, you need to hide files and folders on Android. Hidden folders on Android will help to protect personal private information, an outsider will not see on your smartphone, if it falls into his hands, anything that was hidden by the user of the mobile device. For greater security, all private data can be collected in one folder and then hidden from prying eyes. You can not hide individual folders at all, but hide only some files located in different folders. You can also hide accounts and other information that you want to hide. How to find hidden email accounts on android?

How to create hidden folders on Android

With the file manager, you can create a hidden folder or hide a file if the user needs to protect private information stored on the mobile device. There are several ways in which you can hide a folder or file completely, or hide media files in a folder from viewing in the smartphone gallery.

Create a new hidden folder:

  • In the main window of the file manager, select the internal or external memory (SD card, if the system allows writing to external media without root rights) where the hidden folder should be located.
  • Click on the right drop-down menu, in the “Create” window that opens, select “Folder”.
  • Create a folder, give it a name, put a dot in front of the folder name, like “.Folder” or something like that, whatever you like.

How to find hidden files

On Android devices, users can hide their files in secret folders, which can come in handy in case someone is tracking (viewing) your phone without your permission. However, you can always override this function and your device will show previously hidden files. Open the File Manager. Then press Menu > Settings. Go to Advanced and set the Show hidden files option to ON. There are also special apps that can help you quickly find all the hidden files on your phone.

Yodot Android Data Recovery app is used to find hidden data on your phone. This software thoroughly scans both internal and external data storage, saving the recovered data to your PC.

Search for hidden email accounts on android

If you want to find hidden email accounts on android, you can also do so. This is not an easy way as you will need to access your phone and do some manipulation. Accounts of this type are often very well protected and to access them you need to know the password to log in. After all, even if you can find hidden accounts, there is no guarantee that you will be able to open them. Moreover, your actions may be noticed by the owner of the account, which will negatively affect your reputation. 

In addition, few people use hidden accounts on the phone, it is often not necessary and you can spy on messages and chats with spyware. Reliable modern software will open you access to someone else’s phone and if you doubt the fidelity of your wife or husband, if you want to know where your child is, then such software will help you. 

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